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Tue Oct 24 08:00:00 EDT 1995

On Tue, 24 Oct 1995, Andrew W Ellis wrote:

> Hello Everyone,
> I am using to create postscript files of vector maps and have run
> into a problem. When trying to use a vector map that is defined by a region
> larger than my current region, the postscript file gets fouled up -- using
> ghostview gives an error: 'interp_exit nostringval nostringval 
> nostringval...', 'unrecoverable error'. (In other words, I want to draw 
> a subset of the large vector map across the current region.) When I 
> draw a vector map that is entirely well within the current region, 
> works fine. Am I missing something that is terribly obvious?
> I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can offer. Thanks in advance.
> Drew Ellis 
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Hi, Drew
The only time I've experienced a problem like the one you describe is
when I've used the "masked y" option with vector layers, in _conjunction_
with a mask that coincides with geographic limit of the raster layer (in
other words, I've purposely expanded the region to add text, legends,  
etc., within the region, but want to limit the vector layers to only   
where I'm printing the raster layer). This appears to be a bug in;
if I say "masked n" the vector layers will print correctly, albeit all
over my map! My solution to this particular problem, which may or may not
be what you are experiencing, is to use v.cutter to trim the vector
layers specifically for my map. An inconvenience, but one I can live
Hope this helps. Regards,
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