Andrew W Ellis ellis at UDel.Edu
Tue Oct 24 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Hello Everyone,

I am using to create postscript files of vector maps and have run
into a problem. When trying to use a vector map that is defined by a region
larger than my current region, the postscript file gets fouled up -- using
ghostview gives an error: 'interp_exit nostringval nostringval 
nostringval...', 'unrecoverable error'. (In other words, I want to draw 
a subset of the large vector map across the current region.) When I 
draw a vector map that is entirely well within the current region, 
works fine. Am I missing something that is terribly obvious?

I would appreciate any assistance that anyone can offer. Thanks in advance.

Drew Ellis 

Andrew W. Ellis                     (302) 831-2344
211 Pearson Hall                    ellis at
Department of Geography
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

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