Not Darrell's

Chris Skelly CHRIS at
Sun Oct 15 08:00:00 EDT 1995


> just to clarify, I take no credit/blame for
> I didn't write it - Chris Skelly wrote it. I just provided
> an ftp site for it.

ya, I don't take any blame either... :-)

> I've never used it. Perhaps Chris is still lurking around
> grassu - last I heard, he took a faculty job somewhere in
> Australia.

lurking is a good word! lest the students find me! Yes I did write a 
version of its a wonderful fortranest version of a c 
program - but at least it is (should be) easy to read. there are no 
variogram routines (unless Darell put my fortran semivariogram 
routines up as well) - but Yvan Pannettier (spel) has written 
VarioWin, which is a wonderful variogram modelling package for 
Windows - search for variowin on the web...

I missed the earlier discussion so if there were some specific 
questions, please repeat or mail me direct...

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