Hydrologic modeling using GRASS

Baxter E. Vieux vieux at nouvelot.orstom.fr
Tue Oct 3 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Several recent postings requested information about hydrologic
modeling with GRASS. We have developed an internally integrated
hydrologic model, r.water.fea. This model is available from
the moon and from my server in Norman Oklahoma. You can access
my home page at:


I am told that this model will be a part of GRASS ver 4.2. 
I would also be interested in finding out who has used this
model, what successes or problems were encountered, and if 
there is any interest in future releases/development. We use
it on a number of projects ranging from the Sahel in Africa to
the Arkansas-Red River basin (sub-basins therein). Some details
of these projects are also found on the home page.

Baxter Vieux
Associate Professor
Environmental Modeling and GIS Lab.
School of Civil Engineering and Environmental Science
University of Oklahoma

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