creation of polygons from points

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Tue Oct 3 08:00:00 EDT 1995

> Someone posed a question to me about delineating polygons around
> points (sites), sort of splitting the distance between points to create
> a "polygon of influence" of each site. The sites are unequally distributed.
> Would this best be done by converting the sites to a raster and using
> r.neighbors or an r.mapcalc statement to "grow" the site cells?
> Advice would be appreciated--- thanks in advance
> stewalt at
I haven't been following this thread closely so someone may have
mentioned this but you can make veronio/theisson/proximal polygons
by using and setting the number of interpolation points 
to 1.  You get a raster rather than a vector map but it's quick.

cheers  Tom  8-)

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