GRASS 5.0 - what's going to be new ??

Alastair Duncan 100074.213 at
Tue Oct 3 08:00:00 EDT 1995

Hi Everyone,

In a message about GRASS and SDTS Paul Loechl wrote :-

> Grass 5.0 will have full capability and support for producing and reading
> SDTS data files.  This capability will be integrated with the new RDBMS
> work that is also going to be part of 5.0.  Grass 5.0 is planned for
> release this spring.

Is there anyway of getting a breakdown of the features that GRASS 5.0 will have
- especially with regard to the RDBMS, sites and vectors. Will there be a way o
using SQL directly on the GRASS database ???

Cheers, Al.

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