DTED data w/ post 1987 header

Bradford Stewart GFHN58A at prodigy.com
Mon Oct 2 16:31:00 EDT 1995

I have some DTED data that m.dted.examine and m.dted.extract are having 
trouble with.  The documentation says these routines only work with pre 
1987 headers.  I think the files I have are in the post 1987 format but I 
don't know for sure.  m.dted.examine gives me some meaningful information 
at first but starts spitting out weird characters before it quits.  
Running m.dted.extract gives me an "ERROR: bad address".  This is 
presumably due to the different header (??).  

Does anyone know of a DTED extraction program for post 1987 DTED data?  I 
checked the moon FTP site and found some updated DTED routines but the 
documentation for them still implies that they only read pre 1987 data.  

Finally, I am suspicious of the files themselves since they were pulled 
from a CD-ROM, put on 1/4" tape from a Silicon Graphics machine, then 
pulled into my Sparcstation via 'dd' to do a bit swap before piping to 
'tar'.  I can 'cat' the first part of the file to the screen, but the 
remainder of the file appears to be binary.  Is that correct or should it 
all be ASCII like a DLG file?

Thanks in advance for any words of advice!

Brad Stewart
Science Applications International Corporation
E-mail: Bradford.J.Stewart at cpmx.saic.com
(or this account: gfhn58a at prodigy.com)

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