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Thu Oct 19 00:04:39 EDT 1995

In response to the question about status of ltplus - The original program
was written by John Dabritz while working for the U.S. Forest Service and
Soil Conservation Service.  The last version was 2.40. After that release,
John left the Forest Service and is now working for InfoTech. They are
selling an improved X-windows version called LT4X.

The Dabritz version of LTPLUS was written for SCO Unix and did not make use
of X-windows for display. An early release of ltplus (2.23?) was converted
by someone at Central Washington University (Jim Hinthorne??) to run in
X-Windows, but the final version in the public domain (2.40) has not been
converted to my knowledge.

There is a company in Medford, Oregon that has ported at least part of
ltplus to run under DOS and are marketing it under the name LTDOS. Last I
heard, it would accept scanned data but was not set up to work with a

Dan Haskell (Flat Earth Systems) did a port of ltplus (v.2.36?) to LINUX.
His version, which I am using, works nearly as well as the original. Like
the original, Dan's version does not use X-windows for the display.  I have
recently tried to get in touch with Dan to determine the availability of his
port to others, but he has moved and I haven't been able to make contact.

Let me know if I can be of further assistance. I have used ltplus for almost
four years and am still discovering things that it can do. It complements
GRASS very well. I would like to see it more widely used.

Jim Schmidt
avenues at 

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