compile under linux

William L. Baker BakerWL at UWYO.EDU
Wed Oct 25 12:57:00 EDT 1995

Am trying to compile 4.1.5 under linux (slackware release 3.0).
The compilation fails when reaching directories containing a
master Gmakefile with $(MAKEALL), which is directing make
to go through and make each directory.  I can go into each
directory and compile it fine using gmake4.1.  So, the problem
is getting the recursive make to work.  The MAKEALL environment
variable gets set in ~/src/CMD/ I think, where the -all
parameter is passed to the "make" program.  But, it appears
that the Linux make command doesn't accept the -all parameter.
Does anyone know how to get the recursive make to work under
linux so I don't have to go directory-to-directory?

Bill Baker

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