r.in.hdf error

Bill Brown brown at gis.uiuc.edu
Mon Oct 30 09:57:40 EST 1995

>I compilded the r.in.hdf and r.out.hdf programs. The programs
>compile fine but I get an error (arithmetic error) running r.in.hdf.
>r,in.hdf reads the file prints correct sizes but wrong data range and crashes
>shortly it began writing.
>                           Carsten
>Trappe Erdgas Erdoel Consulant
>trappe at teec.aball.de


Be sure to get the latest version of r.in.hdf from moon.cecer.army.mil
in grass/incoming.  If it still crashes, send me the output of
r.in.hdf -l <yourfile.hdf>
which just lists the contents of the hdf file.

- Bill
brown at gis.uiuc.edu

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