Compiling GRASS 4.1 on Sun Ultra

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Sun Dec 1 22:50:41 EST 1996

Hi, Sandra,
The Motif libraries are required only for XGRASS, which is a gui for the 
standard GRASS programs. My advice is to not compile the XGRASS programs. 
If you want a nicer front end for GRASS, get the Solaris version of 
GRASSLAND from LAS' website (see recent postings on this list). GRASSLAND 
has some enhancements over standard GRASS, including a very nice graphics 
viewer. The only piece of XGRASS that I would be tempted to keep and use 
is xdigit, which is a stand-alone piece of code (doesn't need the rest of 
XGRASS; _does_ need Motif, though - I believe!). My $.02, and nothing 
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On Fri, 29 Nov 1996, Sandra Archilli wrote:

> Hi all,
>         I'm a GRASS novice and I'm trying compling GRASS 4.1 update 5 on a
> Sun Ultra with Sun Solaris 2.5.1 and related XWindows and Motif. My C
> compiler is Sun C 3.0.1.
>         I downloaded the source file s5.cpio.Z.* and the installation guide
> from the Internet GRASS site. 
>         These are my problems:
> - the utils/setup script looks for the libXm.a Motif library, but I haven't
> it. I have
> I made a temporary link named "libXm.a" to, so that setup could go.
> But now, how can I link the object files using Are there any flags
> that I shuold specify to the linker? Or should I also modify the source files?
> - I got very much undefined symbol errors (TIOCGETC, chars, TIOCGLTC,
> Have you any idea? I founded out these symbols in ttold.h, iocl.h, filio.h
> etc. I included any of them in the source files: the compilation goes, but
> what will happen??.
> - During the compilation of  $GIS/src/xgrass/libes/Xgi directory, the
> following types are unknown: XmMangerClassPart, XmPrimitiveClassPart, etc.
> Shuold I include in the involved source files, the corrisponding
> Xm/ManagerP.h, Xm/PrimitiveP.h, etc?
>         Thanks,
>         Sandra Archilli
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