Compiling GRASS 4.1 on Sun Ultra

Justin Hickey jhickey
Mon Dec 2 04:27:17 EST 1996

Hi Sandra

On Nov 29, 11:23am, Sandra Archilli wrote:
> Subject: Compiling GRASS 4.1 on Sun Ultra
> - During the compilation of  $GIS/src/xgrass/libes/Xgi directory, the
> following types are unknown: XmMangerClassPart, XmPrimitiveClassPart, etc.
> Shuold I include in the involved source files, the corrisponding
> Xm/ManagerP.h, Xm/PrimitiveP.h, etc?
-- End of excerpt from Sandra Archilli

Sorry I can't help you with the other problems but the Xm problem above is one
that I had as well. It seems as though you have Motif 2.0 installed in which
the XmManagerClassPart etc are no longer defined. I contacted the Open Software
Foundation (OSF - the creators of Motif) regarding this problem and I've
included their reply below (along with my original question). Unfortunately,
priorities of my projects changed shortly after I ran into this problem and I
haven't had a chance to try their suggestion, however I don't see why it
wouldn't work. I posted messages to this list concerning this problem and
future implications in general but didn't get much of a response.

Another option is to look into using Grasslands at
Although the software is not free for windowsNT or windows95, it is free for
unix workstations (at least it was the last time I looked) and they may have a
version for your platform.

Good luck.

The message I sent to OSF -----

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From: "Justin Hickey" <jhickey at>
Date: Fri, 6 Sep 1996 10:51:06 +0000
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Subject: Motif 2.0 - Motif 1.2.x compatibility

Dear Sir/Madam

First of all, I have previously posted a similar message to this one to the newsgroup but have not received a reply in almost 2 weeks,
therefore I am contacting OSF directly.

I am trying to install a public domain GIS system called GRASS on several
machines. One machine (an SGI) has Motif 1.2.4 installed while another machine
(a PC with LINUX) has Motif 2.0 installed. My problem is that an X interface to
the GIS program contains code that uses the _Xm refereneces that are found in
the XmP.h file of Motif 1.2.4 (for example _XmManagerEnter, _XmGadgetArm, etc).
However, the XmP.h file in Motif 2.0 no longer contains these definitions and
therefore, the code will not compile.

I have checked the Motif FAQ, in particular question 22, which mentions the
following about the _Xm references:

	But then there is a source compatibility problem that you may need to
	include the obsolete modules for the _Xm functions.  Proper 2.0
	subclasses use Xme functions,  and there is even a document.

I checked for corresponding Xme functions (eg XmeManagerEnter) in Motif 2.0 but
found none. The above quote says I need to include the obsolete modules for the
_Xm functions, but where are they in Motif 2.0? Also, what is the document
mentioned in the quote and where can I find it?

Unfortunately, I am not familiar with the subclasses of Motif so any
suggestions or procedures for porting the Motif 1.2.4 code to Motif 2.0 code
would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

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The OSF reply ------

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From: dbl at
Date: Mon, 9 Sep 1996 11:21:54 -0500
To: jhickey
Subject: Ticket#22977

Justin Hickey,

Your query was forwarded to the Motif support group.

>>I am trying to install a public domain GIS system called GRASS on several

The software is in error. It should not be using these functions. The best
solution is to write to the person maintaining the software so that you can
get a copy of the software which uses portable functions.

>>the XmP.h file of Motif 1.2.4 (for example _XmManagerEnter, _XmGadgetArm,

As a temporary workaround, you can take advantage of the fact that these
functions probably still exist (these two above definitely do), so you
can copy the function signatures from the 1.2 XmP.h into a GRASS header
file that is included by the modules using the functions, then recompile
on Motif 2.0. Of course, I can't guarantee that this gets you any further
than a clean compilation.

David B. Lewis		Temporarily at but not speaking for OSF (Cambridge, MA)
d.lewis at	The Open Group
dbl at		Open Software Foundation
d.lewis at	X/Open

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