Helena Voinov helena at cbl.cees.edu
Wed Dec 4 07:45:39 EST 1996

I'm having a problem importing with v.import ungenerated ARC/Info line 
files of
hydrologic features.  Importing seemed to go fine but returned the
following warning from v.support for more than a thousand lines:

WARNING: line 2473 label: 11 matched another label: 11.
WARNING: line 2474 label: 11 matched another label: 11.


I  ignored this messages but it turned out that when I try to 
rasterize this map I lost corresponding attributes. And if I try to 
reproject this map I get a "bad lines" response for that lines with 
warning from v.support and  can't build the topology for the 
reprojected map. Does anybody know what this warning means and how to 
avoid it?


  Helena Voinov 
  Univ.of Maryland Inst.for Ecological Economics
  Center for Environmental and Estuarine Studies
  P.O. Box 38, Solomons, MD 20688 
  TEL: (410) 326 7248 
  FAX: (410) 326 7354

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