Altek AC32 Driver

Bruce J. Nielsen!in1000!bnielsen
Mon Dec 9 07:43:45 EST 1996

GRASS Users;

A couple months ago I sent the following query:
> Has anyone already developed a driver for an Altek digitizer with an AC32
> controller to use GRASS 4.1?  The AC31 driver registers a map fine, but
> locks up when digitizing lines.

I think I've found the solution.  The config files for various digitizers
are found under $GISBASE/etc/digitizers.  I copied the file al31f8_16 and

    	send = \027\013       #reset
    	send = H\013          #reset

I just discovered this late Friday, so extensive testing hasn't been done
yet.  I will post any other changes to the list as we find them.
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