Grass 4.1 in Linux - Error on run, Ideas ?

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Tue Dec 10 09:52:18 EST 1996

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>On Sun, 8 Dec 1996, Linux Weenie wrote:
>When using Kang's 4.1.5 ELF Binaries I had to install the Curses Library
>seperately, due to it NOT being included with the recent C Libraries (it
>used to be).  Without the Curses Library I get the following message: 
>     /usr/extra/grass4.1/etc/gis_set: can't load library 
>Where it is also "gis_set" which is complaining, but a slightly 
>message!  NOTE: "__waddbytes" is defined in the Curses Library V1.0? 

It probably depends on which Linux distribution you are
running.  Some distributions have the Curses and the NCurses
libraries, some have only one (I don't think any have neither).

Solution, visit a Sunsite mirror and get a copy of the curses
libraries appropriate for your installation (a.out or ELF)
and install them (usually just means untarring a file in the right

Over the long term, GRASS should probably get altered to call
either curses, or ncurses.  Once I get Postgres95 running on
my machine, the next project is some parts of GRASS, so I might
have a look at this myself (soon).

Gordon Haverland

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