tiger, ascii(.dat), dlg, dem

Linux Weenie rednoise at sover.net
Fri Dec 13 02:47:07 EST 1996

I got grass going, can use the spearfish sample data, but that's all I'm

I got some Tiger CDs from our Lib, tried importing tham, was asked for a
type 1, then a type 2. The files on the CD only seem to be in one
format, with a .tgf* (*= #) extension as I recall. Couldn't get any
of the tiger related progs to work on them.

I went to a USGS ftp server, and got .dem and .dlg files, for the same
region, all at 1:250k. Tried v.import, v.in.dlg v.dem.examine, & a
couple others I can't recall. 

Was told to run g.region - default region not set, understandable.
But it's difficult to determine the coordinates by opening the files I

I poured through g.manual for a couple of days before I posted,
the time has come, I am at a loss ;) 

Are there servers someone could post with data that can be accepted ?

Am I just inept ?

(I uploaded that libcurses.so.1 to the grass FTP site to make life a
little easier for linux weenies)

rednoise at sover.net  :)

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