Yung-Tsung Kang kangyung at
Wed Dec 18 12:29:42 EST 1996

> Hello Kang,
> Looked for your files on moon incoming and outgoing
> but they were not there; Any ideas?
> Also, does digcap have to be edited beffore you compile
> or can it be edited after? (still trying to digitize
> on grass to avail).
> thanx,
> nicolas boretos

I tried it and can't find those files on moon too.  I temporarily put
linuxgrass.tar.gz and src.extra.tar.gz on our anonymous ftp server.  You
can ftp to and login as anonymous.  Those files are right
under the pub directory.

As to the digcap question, I am not sure.  Usually you edit it after you
have a compiled version of GRASS.


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