cleaning up after XDRIVER

Paul Singleton paul at
Wed Dec 18 16:07:26 EST 1996

We use GRASS 4.1 (Spring 1993) Update package 4 under Solaris 2.5
to support some GIS teaching, and the only display devices we use
are XDRIVERs on our Sun workstations.

Students sometimes forget to do

    d.mon stop=x0

and this causes problems when a subsequent user tries to start GRASS,
especially when the XDRIVER process has been killed or otherwise

We have tried removing the lock files, but subsequent attempts to
start an XDRIVER can nevertheless fail for reasons which are not
apparent (even to our sys admin).

Rebooting SunOS (something we almost never otherwise have to do)
seems to be the only cure.

I suspect that the "named pipes" are kept open, or that there is
data in them.  Whatever, can anyone tell me how to clean up after
an improperly closed XDRIVER without rebooting?

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