Running Grass4.1 on HP's ...

Ian Marcellus D'abreo imdabre at
Fri Dec 20 10:24:50 EST 1996

Hello Fellow Grassmates ,

When I run grass4.1 as user: grass ,I am allowed to create and use only 
mapset named 'grass' .If I try to create another mapset  ,the system 
simply hangs in while executing gis_set ...

When recompiling grass on the HP's  ,I found that the binaries lex and
yacc were missing on the system ...After putting in the binaries ,the 
above problem still persists ..

Also ,if I login as an ordinary user ,I cannot create the mapset grass 
itself in my $HOME...

I am using Grass v4.1

Your help is appreciated!

Ian D'Abreo

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