v.in.arc: some doubts

Giovanna Ranci ranci at quercia.elet.polimi.it
Mon Dec 30 10:22:03 EST 1996

> Giovanna:
> At 10:55 AM 12/27/96 MET, you wrote:
> >I'm trying to import arc/info ungenerate files in Grassland using v.in.arc
> grass function, but I have some doubts:
> >
> >1) where I have to store my arc/info ungenerate files? I mean, can I store
> them everywhere if I write the whole path (ex.
> c:/grassland/adamello/rivers.lin,..) ?
> I am not familiar with GRASSLANDS, but with GRASS, you must put the ungenerate
> files in a directory named "arc" in your mapset in order to import them.
>  do I need to write the file extensions (.lin, .txt, .pol, .lab)? Are these
> file extensions rigth?
> No, you do not have to add the extensions to the file names.
> >Importing line coverage type, I wrote the complete path both with or
> without file extensions (.lin for arc/info ungenerate lines file and .txt
> for arc/info label-text file) but result is: 
> >"vinarc: Coverage type = line
> >cannot find ARC/INFO lines file (rivers)"
> >
> You probably have the file in the wrong place.  Make a directory called arc
> and put them there.  Also, be sure to ungenerate as single precision.
> >2) Can the GRASS category column in label-text file be the same that the ID
> number column in label-text file ?
> >
> Yes.
> I offer GRASS support & will send you info on it in a seperate email.
> Pat Luther
> >Every help is welcome.
> >Happy new year to everybody.
> >
> >Giovanna Ranci Ortigosa
> >e-mail: ranci @quercia.elet.polimi.it
> >
> >
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I put my ungenerate files in a directory arc under my mapset (under adamello,under adamello/user1, under adamello/permanent: I tried every possibilities) but I didn't succeeded in my purpose: error message "Cannot find ARC/INFO lines file (rivers)" still appears!
What's wrong?

Any help is still welcome.

Giovanna Ranci Ortigosa
e-mail: ranci at quercia.polimi.it

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