Graphichs Monitor Problem

Lawrence Houston grass at
Mon Dec 30 13:32:08 EST 1996

On Mon, 30 Dec 1996, Henning Brockfeld wrote:

> Lawrence Houston wrote:
> > 
> > The "standard" GRASS 4.1 XDRIVER ONLY works with X-Servers running in
> > 8-bit (256 Colour Mode).  The above probably indicating that you are
> > running your Red Hat 4.0 Server in a 15/16 or 24 bit Colour Mode?  Moving
> > back to the 8-bit mode should get GRASS's XDRIVER working for you!
> > 
> The question is: Is there a patched version of XDRIVER which supports
> 15/16 bit colour mode? This seems to become a FAQ in Linux environments.


On 8 Apr 1994 Kenn Gardels <gardels at> makes reference to
24-bit patches being available as part of their Alpha Port:

Again on 16 Feb 95 Kenn makes reference to the Alpha patches, but this
time ONLY mentions contacting him via E-mail? 

On 17 Feb 1995 Andreas Schmidt <schmidt at>
reports that Kenn's 24-bit patches work under SunOS (24-bit display) and
Linux (24-bit & 16-bit displays).

Not sure if the "patches.xdriver.24bit" patch contained in
"grass-alpha-axp-0.6.tar.Z" is the most recent (Mar 25 1995), your might
want to check with Kenn on that.  Additionally I have NOT tired these
patches myself (ONLY kept the GRASS Hopper Posting related to them), but
reportedly they allow for an 8-bit XDRIVER Window to operate on a
16/24-bit display.  Hope that helps? 

Lawrence Houston  -  (grass at

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