Japan Mapping Sciences Courses

Stephan Pollard sp at cast.uark.edu
Sat Jan 6 07:00:00 EST 1996

Dear Readers,

I am trying to track down schools in Japan, both universities and 
technical, that offer instruction in one or more of the below listed 
disciplines/topics.  I could use as much information as possible including
course titles, course descriptions, whether or not a known course is part 
of a specialized program or part of another program, department, contact
information, email addresses, and Web sites.

The disciplines/topics are:

Geographical Information Systems (GIS)
Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
Remote Sensing
Air Photo Interpretation
Computer Mapping

I am also trying to get an idea of the software/platforms that are used 
to teach these disciplines/topics in Japan (e.g., IDRISI, GRASS, 
ARC/Info, MGE, MapInfo, PCI, ERDAS, Microstation, AutoCAD, Corel, 
Japan specific software, and any others) AND what graphic user interface 
(GUI) languages for said software are available at each particular 

Additionally, I'd enjoy hearing from anyone with experience in the 
Mapping Sciences as it relates to Japan.

Many Thanks in Advance,
Stephan Pollard
Stephan Pollard, Graduate Assistant               TEL:(1) (501) 575-6159
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