thesis help !!!

Anurag Mehta mehtaag at ucunix.san.uc.EDU
Sun Jan 7 07:00:00 EST 1996

hello everyone.

i had sent this request to a few lists last week. someone suggested a few
more lists, and i'm mailing this request over again. my apologies in
advance if you recieve multiple copies of this request. 



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Subject: thesis help !!!

hi everyone.

this is a longish mail. please take a moment to read it - i will really 
really appreciate your help ...

i'm a graduate planning student at the university of cincinnati, currently
doing thesis research oriented at evaluating (and examining) gis
applications in transit. i am looking for help on two things, and would
appreciate any help anyone can provide. i've put requests on these lists
before, and have had a tremendous response. 

since i am mailing this request to a multitude of lists in an attempt to
circulate it as widely as possible, some of you might recieve multiple
copies. my apologies in advance. 

1. is anyone aware of any case studies (published or unpublished) that
evaluate (any kind of) gis applications in a transit operation or
organization? could you please let me know about them/it. 

2. i need to get in touch with the following people concerning my thesis,
but do not know their contact numbers or addresses. could somebody help me
please - i would appreciate email address most of all .. 

Ana Ramirez - grad. student at utah state univ. transportation dept.,
Laurel Radow - APTA senior policy analyst
Jack Reilly - capital district transportation authority, albany n.y., 
Alan Gorman - gis design analyst, dallas area rapid transit.
Julie Jamarta - senior transit technician, SANDAG, san diego
Dr. Sandra Rosenbloom - drachman institute, tuscon az. 

thanks in advance


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