ps plot from 4.1 in linux - error....

Fri Mar 8 07:00:00 EST 1996

I'm using grass4.1 (the earlier release from Andy Burnett) for Linux
2.3 kernel 1.2.8). Grass seems  to run fine, but when i try and create a 
postscript plot, I get a 'floating point exception" error after it tells
me that the ps driver has been selected. The drivers are configured correctly
(checked against a friends that works).  Anybody any ideas???

Yes....I know I should get the 4.1.5 version thats on max, but it's a pain to

Also, is anybody interested in writing a hp650c driver with me, or has
attempted any direct drivers for any hp plotter that i can use as a basis. I
DON'T have
the grass source, becuase it would take weeks to download!!

Marcus Tooze
GIS Specialist
Environmental S/E

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