HP designjet driver for GRASS

Carlo van de Rijt carlor at sci.kun.nl
Mon Mar 11 07:00:00 EST 1996

dear GRASS user,

I'm trying to create some kind of output file to be sent to
a HP designjet 750c. Does any of you have any experience with
this printer? I guess the easiest way to produce output is to
have some kind of conversion program convert ppm files to the
kind of input the designjet understands (HPGL2, HPRTL).
Is there a PD utility that does the job?
Another possibility is to use an existing printer driver for
p.map that is (almost) compatible to a designjet. Can anybody
tell me what existing printer driver for p.map can be used best
for this purpose.
I'd appreciate any help on this topic.
thanks in advance,

Carlo van de Rijt
Dept. of Ecology
Un. of Nijmegen
The Netherlands

ps. I'm still using GRASS4.0 and quite reluctant to switch to
version 4.1.

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