How do I remove edge lines?

Rick Thompson rick at
Mon Mar 25 07:00:00 EST 1996

Hi James,
  If the category #s are the same on each side of these internal lines, then
using v.reclass with the -d option will dissolve lines where the same category
# is on each side (you can construct a reclass file from your dig_cats file). 
  If the category #s are not the same, but the label is the same (and the label
is a single descriptor like AB505), you can use the v.merge GRASS command that 
will standardize category #s. The last information I had on the v.merge command
was that it would not deal with text strings as labels in the dig_cat files 
(text separated by spaces). I worked around this by making a v.merge script tha
would deal with text strings, plus dissolve common lines. If you would like thi
script, I can make it available. Rick

On Mon, 25 Mar 1996, James Curry wrote:

> I have some 100K dlg files that I have imported with v.import.
> When I plot them with d.vect I notice that there are lines at the
> edges of each quad. I'd like to remove these lines. 
> I have tried v.rmedge, but it removes the information inside the quad as 
> well. I tried v.digit and could not select the edge lines.
> How do I import these files so that when I patch them together the
> edge lines will not be visible?
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