PS printing Solaris -> Windows NT

Philip Verhagen philip at
Fri Mar 22 07:00:00 EST 1996

Dear all,

not really a GRASS question, but I hope someone will be able to shed
some light on the incomprehensible printing system that comes with
Solaris 2.4.

The problem: my Sparc is connected to a LAN with a Windows NT server.
We figured out that the only way to print anything from the Sparc on
the LAN is to install the printer as Generic/Text Only in the Windows
NT Print Manager. This works all right for texts, but for output from the story is different. Files do not get printed at all if they
contain rasters or coordinate grids (and possibly other elements as well,
but I didn't check this). Neither the Solaris nor the Windows NT manuals
mention a solution, so I was hoping someone might have encountered the
same problem (and actually solved it, of course). Any advice on the
matter will be *greatly* appreciated!

Philip Verhagen

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