Hans Olav Eggestad, tlf 64 948146 olav at nlh10.nlh.no
Wed Mar 20 07:00:00 EST 1996

In my installation (grass4.1 update 5, on sparc sunos 4.1.3), grass and xgrass 
uses different directories for database, locations and mapsets. xgrass is one l
evel down compared to grass. eg (directory levels: /m/local/grass4.1/data/flood

                             Database                 Location       mapset
          grass:    /m/local/xgrass4.1/data             flood         oksna 
          xgrass:   /m/local/xgrass4.1/data/flood       oksna        farm_a

Have I done something wrong during installation? (both have the same GISBASE=/m
Or what can I do to make their behaviour alike?

Hans.Olav.Eggestad at jordforsk.nlh.no

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