Need help importing DEM data

James Curry jcurry at
Wed Mar 20 07:00:00 EST 1996


I'm a new grass user and would like to import some USGS DEM data.
This is what I have done:

downloaded las_vegas-e.gz from

decompressed with gzip

dd if=las_vegas-e ibs=10240 | m.dmaUSGSread top=1 bottom=1201 \
left=1 right=1201 output=las_vegas-e.dat logfile=las_vegas-e.log

m.rot input=las_vegas-e.dat output=las_vegas-e.dem \
rows=1201 cols=1201 bpc=2 input=las_vegas-e.dem output=dem.utm dimension=1201,1201 \
bpc=2 res=3,3 corner=sw,34N,119W spheroid=wgs72

g.region rast=dem.utm
d.rast dem.utm

All that is displayed is a single very narrow strip.
I'd appreciate some pointers to where I am going wrong. I've tried
get information from moon but can't seem to download any of the archive
material or help docs.


James Curry
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
P.O. Box 808, MS: L-183
Livermore, California  94550

(510) 423-1106

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