moon ftp site moving

John Mckeown jrm at
Thu Mar 14 07:00:00 EST 1996

the "moon" ftp site will be moving to a new home later today.
the name will stay the same (, the ip address
will change.  the old ip address was  it will
change to  normally, you should simply use the
name (if possible), as that allows us to move this service to
different machines without interruption in service.  however,
due to vagarities of the domain naming service, for a short time
some of you will continue to get the old ip address when you 
attempt to connect using the name.  
my apologies for sending this to this list, but it seemed a
relevant audience and i wanted to reach as many people as was
reasonably possible.  thanks.

John Mckeown
jrm at

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