summagraphics driver

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Wed Mar 13 07:00:00 EST 1996

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I guess what I really wanted is the configuration file 
described in the programer's guide not a driver program.
I will be connecting the digitizer to a HP 755.

> Does any one have or know where I could
> get a copy of a digitizer driver file for a summagraphics   
> summagrid IV (summagraphics microgrid UIOF format).
> Also, I am having trouble with the v.prune command.
> I am using lat/long coordinate system.  When I prune
> a file with approximately 500 points using various
> thresholds, the resultant is absolutely nothing
> or a very small area. Does anyone have any pointers 
> or other methods for deleting excess points without
> losing line definition.
> Thanks
> Gregg

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