open area lines in closed polygons.

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Agustin, I found that your problem can be caused by *duplicate* lines
underneath the ones you see on the screen. To check this, use v.digit
to break some of the lines and remove a small bit of each line. Then 
refresh the display and see if, mysteriously, the gap has been 'filled'.
Hope this helps,

Martijn van Leusen

> I keep on with problems with this coastlines vector.
> Mysteriously, there are closed polygons made up of
> edges that are open area lines. Hence, I cannot
> label the polygons as areas and get wrong results from
> v.cutter.
> What can I do to convert these open area lines into 
> closed area lines? I repeat that the polygon is closed,
> all nodes are 2-lines nodes. 
> Thanks!
> Agus
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