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Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Mon Oct 21 19:17:03 EDT 1996

On Mon, 21 Oct 1996, Luc Boerboom wrote:

> Hello Malcom
> I am running a video mode with more than 256 colors. I used to have
> color problems whenever I opened GRASS monitors and e.g. Netscape. There
> would notbe enough colors available. I got the advice to upgrade to 2 MB
> of DRAM, which I now have and I am running at depth 16. Is it not possible
> to run more than 256 colors? Should I change some settings?? Thanks for
> such a prompt response!! Curious whether I should not have gone for
> the upgrade.
> Luc
Hi, Luc
Nope, you can't run more than 256 colors with the standard GRASS xdriver. 
However, some kind soul (I can't recall who!) wrote a version of xdriver 
that will display a GRASS 256-color monitor window on a 24-bit display. I 
can arrange for you to ftp the source code from me if you'd like; drop me 
a note directly (if anyone else needs this, let me know too). I've used 
it quite successfully on both Sun 24-bit displays, and 24-bit xterm 
emulation software (Hummingbird's eXceedNT, Intergraph's eXalt). 
Hopefully your upgrade won't be wasted! (Just don't expect any benefits 
for GRASS :(  )
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