GRASS4.1.5 on Solaris 2.5 and

Iwao NODA noda12 at
Fri Oct 25 08:00:00 EDT 1996

Dear Justin , Malcolm and grassusers:
I maybe could solve the problem concerning "installing GRASS4.1.5 onto
Including problem of my mailed subject:" on Solaris 2.5". The
command works normally on Solaris2.5.

I happend to solve my above problem ,but I struggled by that time. 
1. copying GRASS4.1.5 into Solaris2.5 on SUN sparc20 which I compiled on
SUN OS 4.1.3(Solaris1.1) ,SUN sparcIPX.
2.editting some file to match the directory-path environment( $GISBASE and
monitorcap ) to the SUN sparc20.
      These are /usr/local.bin/grass4.1 and $GISBASE/etc/monitorcap. 
3. generating $GISBASE/dev/fifo0a,fifo0b, ....
    As I could not copy these fifo files, I used the files which I
beforehand generated with compiling procedure on the SUN sparc20. 

GRASS4.1.5 binary for Solaris1.1 may work on Solaris2.5. 
I sincerely appreciate your helpful suggestions,  Justin , Malcolm and

At 11:07 AM 96.10.22 +0000, Justin Hickey wrote:
>On Oct 22,  9:52am, Iwao NODA wrote:
>> And , may I ask you ?  I had many warnings as below when I compiled
>> GRASS4.1.5 with gcc on Solaris2.5.( however the installation was done)  Is
>> that ok ?  I worry that grass-commands might generate wrong results.
>> Thank you for your kindness.
>I know most people ignore warnings from compilers and it is true that some of
>the warnings can be ignored. However, it has been my experience that warnings
>concerning pointers, especially incompatible pointer warnings, require at leas
>an investigation to see what the problem is.
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