GRASS compiled on FreeBSD-2.2.1?

UEBAYASHI Masao s55201 at
Fri Apr 11 05:25:29 EDT 1997

>  Hello !

Hello, I'm in longitude 135 degrees...

>  I have compiled GRASS under FreeBSD-2.2; also I have compiled XGRASS on this
> system with lesstif 0.77. But XGRASS don`t work. Many XGRASS program says:
> "Memory fault - core dumped". And I have no ideas how to force XGRASS work.

    To purchase *real* Motif? ;-)

And don't you have *any* port file for GRASS?
(its so hard work to make GRASS port file, in deed)

"thanks for reading my Japanenglish" :-)
    UEBAYASHI Masao <s55201 at>
        from Tokyo, Japan

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