Applying GRASS technology

Yoshiro Nagao nagao at
Mon Apr 14 13:34:57 EDT 1997

>By the way, we would appreciate it if you would let us know what you do or
>intend to do with GRASS as this makes it easier for us to show that our 
>efforts here in providing public domain software has value to others.

Thank you very much for your detailed comment.

I myself do not have any intention to start venture business.

I just worried that
   if a single company had the exclusive right to improve
   GRASS's source code, we(users) would be unable to modify GRASS codes/scripts
  nor can we purchase other GRASS-related products.
(E.g., I would like to buy windows-based GRASS  which I can customize with
Visual Basic, if such a prosuct exists.)

I am working for International Centre for Medical Research of Kobe University.

I am now just studying if GRASS can be applied to the field of medical 
decision-making, e.g. optimizing logistics of medical resources in the case
of natural disaster, epidemic, e.t.c.
(The earthquake which hit our city spurred interest in GIS in Japan.)
Dose anybody have any hint?

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