grass solaris version problem

zucco at zucco at
Tue Apr 15 03:05:41 EDT 1997

Dear grassuser,

first problem regarding our mailing list
- a mail with this original subject  
Re: malfunctioning application modules in Grass 4.1 for Solaris
is arrived 7 times with this subject: 
Returned mail: cannot send message for 1 week. 

The answer to the administrator of the list...

second problem:
- I've installed grass4.1u5.sol2.5.tar.Z on my sunsparc 4 (32/110MHz) with
sunOS 5.5.1 and solaris 2.5.1:
        * there are few problem with grass, like d.mon, which didn't runs
at the begin. Now it is functioning because I substituted it with a d.mon
from another package (!!) -> from Angus.
        * is not running. The message Segmentation fault - core
dumped. Is very clear. Why it happens? The problem seems to have the origin
        * xgrass don't recognize my databases and it shows me a message
like this: the database not exist (but it shows the database in its start
window). Then all the command are freezed.

I found on moon /incoming some program compiled for sun solaris as library
I need them?


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