GRASS's link to RIM?

Steve Dzurenko steve at ocean.oce.uri.EDU
Tue Apr 29 09:43:48 EDT 1997


GRASS advertises a link to the RIM relational database
management system.  I am currently in the process of 
creating a RIM database from my GRASS database.  But
it seems that I must do this "by hand".  I have finished
creating the definition of the RIM database.  I will
now start writing a program to read through my GRASS
database, extract header information from all the data
files, and put that into my RIM database.

So is that the way to do it, or have I missed something
that can facilitate this process?  Once this is complete,
are there GRASS programs that can take advantage of the
information in the RIM database, or is it up to me to
create such applications?

Thank you for your time.

-Stephen Dzurenko
 Ocean Mapping Division
 Ocean Technology Center 
 Graduate School of Oceanography
 University of Rhode Island

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