elevation and bathymetric data from EDC-DAAC

Bart C. Bautista bart at kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jp
Wed Apr 30 14:16:25 EDT 1997

Dear GRASS users,

      I am new to this newsgroup and I am just in the process
of planning and studying how to download and install GRASS in my
LINUX system. I already found a site were I can download the LINUX
binaries of GRASS. I have been following this news group for already
5 months and my impression is that GRASS has still many problems
and bugs that needs to be fixed and if you are not an expert in
programming, you will have a lot of frustrating moments. Before I plunge
into this wonderful world of frustrations, I would like to know if my
main objective will be met by using GRASS. I recently acquired 30sec X
30sec elevation and bathymetric data which I plan to use in my
reasearch. This data is freely distributed by EDC-DAAC of the USGS. The
format according to the documentation is readable by ARCINFO. Since I
can't afford to use this expensive software, I would like to know if
there is anyone from this group who had experience in reading this type
of data using GRASS. Thank you in advance to anybody who will answer my

Dept. of Earth and Planetery Sciences
Kyoto University
Sakyoku, Kyoto 606

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