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Wed Apr 30 19:42:13 EDT 1997

To whome it may concern:
   I am looking for information regarding a routing package for the
grass gis package.  I have the grass v4.1.5, compiled for the linux
system, and I need a transportation routing package to go with it.  I am
trying to use the grass software set with satellite imagery, tigerline
files, and a database product to overlay the address ranges onto the
road features of the tiger line files.
    I would like to be able to find the shortest route between to
addresses, and the best route based on traffic volumes weighted against
time of day constraints. Any help in finding a routing package that will
integrate to the grass software set, and the postgress95 database system
would be greatly appreciated.  I am running a linux system, and not a
sun, so some of the features of the grass distribution may not work yet.
Any and all help would be appreciated.
    Any one that can help can reach me at the following e-mail address:
bld at
Bruce L. Dustman
bld at

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