elevation and bathymetric data from EDC-DAAC

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Wed Apr 30 15:10:03 EDT 1997

At 11:16 AM 4/30/97 -0700, you wrote:
>Dear GRASS users,
>      I am new to this newsgroup and I am just in the process
>of planning and studying how to download and install GRASS in my
>LINUX system. I already found a site were I can download the LINUX
>binaries of GRASS. I have been following this news group for already
>5 months and my impression is that GRASS has still many problems
>and bugs that needs to be fixed and if you are not an expert in
>programming, you will have a lot of frustrating moments. Before I plunge
>into this wonderful world of frustrations, I would like to know if my
>main objective will be met by using GRASS. I recently acquired 30sec X
>30sec elevation and bathymetric data which I plan to use in my
>reasearch. This data is freely distributed by EDC-DAAC of the USGS. The
>format according to the documentation is readable by ARCINFO. Since I
>can't afford to use this expensive software, I would like to know if
>there is anyone from this group who had experience in reading this type
>of data using GRASS. Thank you in advance to anybody who will answer my
>Dept. of Earth and Planetery Sciences
>Kyoto University
>Sakyoku, Kyoto 606

Dear Bart.

I suspect that your data, even if readable by Arc-Info, may not be in
Arc-info format. This is important because Grass has a couple of import
routines that might deal with that.

If your elevation data is a raster DEM or DTED, correct me if I am wrong,
there are chances that the programs m.dem.extract and m.dted.extract might
do the trick.

For the bathymetric data, i don't know, since there is no indication in your
message about in which format the data REALLY is.

But then, I may be way off line...
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