Richard Nairn nairnr at cadvision.com
Sun Aug 3 00:25:06 EDT 1997

> Hi,
> I am trying to create a mosaic of aerial photos. (Thanks to the people who 
> responed to my previous request for help). I went through a test process with 
> two photos, and all work well.  
> I then went back to do the other 28 photos but am running into problems with 
> r.in.tiff.  This is what I did for the test.
> I converted the jpeg file to tif using XV. The setting were best 24 -> 8, full 
> colour, normal size, and no compression.  I then run r.in.tiff ( down loaded 
> from the moon -  r.in.tiff.sun). d.rast displayed the photos
> I then converted all the jpeg files , but when I import them with r.in.tiff I 
> get a black screen.  There are no errors reported. 
> This is the output from r.in.tiff

Even though it went in right it isn't very much good until grass knows
where the file is? Are you using a coordinate system or just an x-y
system for importing pictures.  You need to register and rectify the
image before it will be correct for the area you are
studying. Bringing it in straight won't do anything for you until
grass knows its earth coordinates in whatever system you are
using. Either edit the cellhd file to be correct or go through a
tutorial for registration and rectification from a x-y coordinate system.

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