Postgres Database interface

Richard Nairn nairnr at
Sun Aug 3 00:51:43 EDT 1997

Hello all, just wanted to update you on the Postgres interface that I
have written.  I have it packaged up and I should upload it too moon
soon. It contains three simple programs, but it shows the methods of
accessing a database.  The programs are: to select the server host, database, and table to query.
SQL.where: Based loosely on d.where.* click on a point, it will query
the database for nearby sites, and print out the attributes associated
with that point. I want to work on this one further to be able to
select which attributes to print... Based on an SQL query, create a site file, and/or raster
file. It will also create a new table if you wish.

They are simple but demonstrate the ability that some people were
asking about.

Comments/questions email me. I would like to see if they are useful to
anyone. The file is grass-sql.tar.gz It should be there by monday...

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