Use of USGS 30 arc second DEM in Grass

Brian K. Michalk michalk at
Mon Aug 4 14:23:56 EDT 1997

> I want to use USGS DEM 30 second data in Grass 4.1.5 for Linux  I have not
> found a command to import it. If it can be converted to ascii file I think
> it can be imported to Grass. As you know a USGS DEM 30 second file covers a
> very vast area, so that I would like to import a part of one DEM file 
> In this case, I think a binary file (for example w100n40.dem) has to be
> converted to ascii file and its data structure should be understood. 
> Please let me know what should I do for my purpose? What should I learn at
> first?

Yes, there is a way to do it.  The command is called in.sdts.  It reads the
SDTS format used by the USGS.  It's in the contrib area for download,
I think.

One problem though, you have to recompile for Linux.  I have recompiled,
but cannot get it to work.  I think the FIPS library has somehow
been corrupted.  I have been unsuccessful in eliciting a response
from this mailing group.  The best I figure is that there is no one here
using Linux and SDTS files.

I'm just waiting for someone do compile a linux binary distribution, or
create a makefile for Linux that works.

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