AW: OGL3D for Linux?

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Mon Aug 4 16:42:45 EDT 1997

Von: 	Richard Nairn[SMTP:nairnr at]
Gesendet: 	Mittwoch, 18. Juni 1997 13:50
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Betreff: 	OGL3D for Linux?

I am running Grass on a Pentium based machine. I use the SG3D program
on an SGI machine.  Has there been any attempt to port this to
anything but the SGI?  I have the source code for the openGL version
but it says that it is still for the SGI.  Are there any other
programs that I should be looking at for this kind of functionality?  

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Hello Richard,

	I'm using SG3D and OGL3d on Linux for approx 1 year. The programs
	will be included on my next CD release.


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