Linux binaries and libcurses

Howard Evan Canfield canfield at
Tue Aug 5 13:04:18 EDT 1997

root wrote:
> I obtained the Linux ELF binaries and installed them, and when
> I try to run grass, I get the error:
> /usr/local/grass/etc/gis_set: can't load library ''
> Apparently, grass is looking for an obsolete libcurses.  Does anyone
> know what to do about this?  Do I hunt down an old version of the
> libcurses?  Does recompiling under Redhat Linux  with gcc require
> extensive source code modifications?  I tried linking to the libcurses
> on my machine,, but it garbled the screen.
> Thanks,
> Bob Harrington


I had this problem a couple of months ago.  What you need to do is
download the from the moon.cecer outgoing file (i.e. the
GRASS ftp site).  

Other people have reported no problem using ncurses, but I have used the from the moon cecer site, and it seems to work fine, as
do the rest of my linux programs


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