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Wed Aug 13 02:03:26 EDT 1997

> On Mon, 11 Aug 1997 11:35:27 +0000 (GMT), grass at genie.saff.utah.edu wrote:
> >Try running in 8 bit colormode, or getting the XDRIVER24.
> >
> >Jason Carey
> >Snow Hydrology
> >University of Utah
> Jason,
> Where can XDRIVER24 be found? Moon?

Yes, it is at moon.  It requires a little work to compile it in
(moving directories and editing your monitorcap). Then you won't get
the error.  It is fairly easy to do... It solves the problem of
running out of colors but grass still doesn't have the best support
for 24bit displays.. I don't know - does anyone know if some of the
display commands have been changed to use more then 24 bit? It would
really come in handy for sattelite imagery.  

Anyway give it a go...

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