question on Arc/Info attributes

Parinya Somkliangcharoen parin at
Wed Aug 13 04:35:48 EDT 1997

We are importing data from Arc/Info and things seem to be going rather
well.  Our input files basically contain data for districts such as male
population, female population etc.  We were able to get to create
a vector file but we could only specify one attribute.  Is there a way to
create a vector file with all the attributes in the single file?  We tried
using v.patch but obtained pnt_to_area errors when we ran

What we would like to be able to do is to find out, (for example), how
many males and how many females are in a particular district using a
single command as opposed to doing two separate queries (eg. running
d.what.vect on the two vector maps).

Any help or information would be greatly appreciated.

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