OGL3D for linux...

Richard Nairn nairnr at cadvision.com
Tue Aug 19 13:41:42 EDT 1997

> I am contacting you to ask if you received any information about a
> Linux Grass CD.  Please forgive me for contacting your directly.  
> I am also looking for ELF binaries?
> Alan Davis

Yes, I heard from the author of the CD and it sounds like his
intentions are to release the OGL3D program only on his CD and no
where else.  It is understandable but unfortunate. I guess I will have
to get my boss to try and spring for the CD...  There is a reference
to ordering it on the moon page, although it look a little out of date
since I don't recall seeing the 3D packages being included.  I believe
there are linux binaries on moon, and they are ELF if I am not
mistaken.  If not, I can probably tar up my copy and forward them to
you or moon...

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