Slope form again!

Malcolm Williamson malcolm at
Tue Aug 19 15:01:16 EDT 1997

I'm forwarding all the previous mails back to you directly. Let me  know 
if the last one doesn't do the trick.
	-Malcolm Williamson

On Tue, 19 Aug 1997, Houxiang Wang GEO 
Grad 96 wrote:

> Sorry, I am back again.
> My machine shut down, and all my former emails were lost. I still need help from 
> you, especially the friend who has helped me a lot by directly sending email to 
> my account, not to the list server. I sorry to say that I could not remember 
> your name nor your email address. So I post the message here, and hope you would 
> see it and help me out again.
> With your great help I have got the sites file out of DEM. the format of data in 
> the file looks like
> 		724675|4385245#259
> 		724725|4385245#259
> But when I ran, it says "ERROR: zero points in the given region!" The 
> DEM I am using does not cover the entire region, i.e., in the DEM file, zero 
> values (out of the county I am working on) mean no data. Does the above problem 
> result from this?
> I greatly appreciate your help.
> Houxiang Wang
> Miami University

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